Our Mission

To improve global healthcare outcomes by connecting the medical community.

Our Purpose

To modernize how healthcare professionals connect, because we believe sharing knowledge saves lives.

Tim Rice

Tim is a recognized leader in the Life Sciences sector and has spent years connecting and collaborating with medical professionals to advance knowledge transfer. He has a reputation for building agile teams and strategic partnerships.

Natasha Sideris

Natasha is a senior finance executive who specializes in early-stage and start-up organizations in the health and technology industries.

Leeza Hack headshot

Leeza Hack

Leeza is an innovative and versatile operations professional with experience in scaling teams and automating processes to facilitate growth in the healthcare start-up space.

Chris Etheridge

Chris is a trusted advisor within the Life Science industry and has a keen eye for strategic partnerships. He provides clarity and direction by focusing on results and an enjoyable atmosphere that fosters success.

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