5 Canadian Physicians to Watch on YouTube

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A new generation of doctors.

Canadian physicians and medical students are making their mark on YouTube. According to the MIT Technology Review, there is a “new generation of doctors and medical professionals who have built online followings on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Youtube.” Whether it’s sharing tips on getting into medical school or how to perform a surgery, medical YouTube is booming! 

We’ve identified five Canadian physicians and medical students on YouTube who we think are rising stars! Check out the list below ⬇️

Dr. Siobhan Deshauer – ViolinMD

With over 797K subscribers on YouTube, Dr. Siobhan Deshauer is a great example of a physician YouTuber. You may recognize her from our Rapid Rounds blog post! She is a fourth-year resident specializing in rheumatology at McMaster University. She usually uploads two videos per month about her shifts in the hospital (and they are action-packed!) She spices up her videos by sprinkling in her violin playing, making these videos informative and fun to watch. If you are ever interested in learning more about the experiences of doctors through COVID-19, we cannot recommend Dr. Deshauer enough!

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Gianluca Calcagno – NXTgenMD

Gianluca Calcagno is next on the list! He is another great up-and-comer in the physician YouTube field who should not go unnoticed. Gianluca is a second-year medical student also studying at McMaster University with over 7K subscribers on YouTube. He posts a new video every week on a variety of topics: from a day-in-the-life as a med student, to school tips and even fitness videos! We guarantee that joining Gianluca’s following on YouTube will bring you lots of new insight into the world of a doctor!

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Courtney Francis – The Girly MD

Next up on the list is University of Toronto second-year medical student Courtney Francis aka The Girly MD. Her YouTube channel boasts over 23K subscribers and almost 1 million views! Courtney brings subscribers into her life as a Canadian medical student and shares everything from her morning routine, Q&As, to exam prep. We could take some tips from her level of organization! If you are looking to become a medical student in Canada, this channel is for you.

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Darius Lameire – Darius Med

Darius Lameire is a third-year medical student at McMaster University and creator of Darius Med and Darius Med Live. Darius Med is his social media name, while Darius Med Live is his show on YouTube. With 2.95K subscribers, Darius streams a new episode of his show every month. These episodes highlight healthcare workers and how they have been impacted by COVID-19. To watch these great stories and learn more about the impact that COVID-19 has had on the medical community, we recommend this channel for you.

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Kian Marie D – KianMDvlog

Kian Marie D is a 2022 MD candidate and has amassed a large YouTube following with her honest content about her med school experiences. Her YouTube channel has over 55K subscribers and over 3 million views! You can expect to find VLOG-style videos showing her day-to-day, exam tips, and even 5-hour live streams of studying. Yes, 5 hours! Subscribe to her channel to get an inside and individualized look at what med school is all about.

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