7 Medical Podcasts Canadian Doctors Will Love

Medical podcasts are on the rise! Physicians and healthcare professionals (HCPs) are increasingly tuning into medical podcasts for convenient learning that fits into their busy lifestyles. Whether you are walking the dog, commuting to work, or making dinner, medical podcasts can maximize your learning efficiency and provide a source of on-the-go entertainment. 

We’ve compiled a list of just seven podcasts that we think members of The Rounds will love. These best-in-class podcasts cover everything from general health news, patient stories, and medical cases, to finances, and much more. 

The Primary Medicine Podcast 

Primary Medicine Medical Podcasts Show Art

Hosted by two Canadian Emergency and Family Medicine doctors, Dr. Kevin and Dr. Dimitre, The Primary Medicine Podcast takes listeners through over 50 episodes of practical medical information. From discussing cannabis use, and elder care, to minimizing medical errors, these two provide listeners with a broad spectrum of topical discussions impacting Canadian healthcare professionals. 

Notable Podcast Episodes: 

🎧 Physician Empowerment: You Are More than an Empty Vessel 

🎧 Dr. Malcom Ogborn on Physician Leadership 

🎧 Dr. Gharbi on the Future of Medicine 

CMAJ Podcasts

CMAJ Medical Podcasts Show Art

Hosted by Dr. Mojola Omole and Dr. Blair Bigham, the CMAJ Podcasts delves into the scientific and social health advances on the cutting edge of Canadian health care. Episodes include real stories of patients, clinicians, and others impacted by our healthcare system. With over 360 episodes, ranging from an 8-minute podcast on healing with music to in-depth interviews with prominent medical experts, there’s something for everyone.

Notable Podcast Episodes: 

🎧 Canada’s primary care crisis: addressing the causes and finding solutions 

🎧 Healing with music in the COVID-19 pandemic 

🎧 Special Episode: Tackling anti-Black racism in medicine 

Emergency Medicine Cases

Emergency Medicine Podcasts Show Art

Launched in 2010 and hosted by Dr. Anton Helman, the Emergency Medicine Cases podcast pioneered healthcare podcasting in Canada! With over 300 (yes, 300) one-hour episodes that tackle in-depth discussions on core EM topics, you’ll never have a shortage of learning opportunities. Plus, the consistent release of new episodes and expert guests will keep you abreast of the ever-changing medical landscape.

Notable Podcast Episodes: 

🎧 Getting Sued in Emergency Medicine – Practical Tips 

🎧 Financial Planning for Emergency Physicians 

🎧 Is Less More? Saving EM and Traumatic Pneumothorax 

Canadian Health Information Podcast

Canadian Health Information Medical Podcasts Show Art

Developed by the Canadian Institute for Health Information, The Canadian Health Information Podcast is a newer show with only 18 episodes available on Apple Podcasts. However, this show still packs a punch with three renowned hosts: Avis Favaro, Alya Niang, and Alex Maheux. You can expect to hear in-depth conversations about Canada’s health systems, policies, and what’s being done to keep Canadians healthy.

Notable Podcast Episodes: 

🎧 Low-value healthcare in Canada — Dr. Wendy Levinson and Dr. Janet Reynolds 

🎧 Child and Youth Mental Health in Canada 

🎧 Dr. Katharine Smart — Rural and Remote Health Care in Canada 

CFMS Podcasts

Canadian Federation of Medical Students Podcast Show Art

Three podcasts in one! That’s right. The Canadian Federation of Medical Students host three different medical shows on their platform: Research in Medicine, Life as a Doctor To Be, and the CFMS Connection podcast series. From tips on professionalism to senior medical experts reflecting on their careers, each episode is designed to help aspiring physicians navigate their path to serving patients and society. 

Notable Podcast Episodes: 

🎧 Reference Letters: what you should know now 

🎧 Lifelong Learning with Dr. Rahman 

🎧 Relationships Outside of Medicine 

Beyond MD Podcast

BeyondMD Medical Podcasts Show Art

Launched in 2020, radiologist Dr. Yatin Chadha developed the Beyond MD Podcast with a mission to change and improve financial literacy among his Canadian medical peers. In each episode, Dr. Chadha interviews advisors, accountants, lawyers, brokers, and more to increase awareness of financial topics, such as insurance policies, investments, and estate planning to name a few. Who knew money could be so fun? This is a must-listen for medical professionals of any age.

Notable Podcast Episodes: 

🎧 How Finance Relates to Personal Wellness with Dr. Kevin Mailo 

🎧 Personal Finance for Medical Trainees with Dr. Stephanie Zhou 

🎧 Real Estate Investing – a Physician’s perspective 

The Royal College Podcasts

The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada

The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada hosts four exciting podcasts: Specialty Matters, Specialty Café, Café des spécialités, and KeyLIME. From discussing what’s top of mind in specialty medicine or sharing innovative medical education articles, any physician or medical student will find a podcast episode that piques their interest and impacts their educational practice.

Notable Podcast Episodes: 

🎧 Gender Equity in Medicine / Équité des genres en médecine

🎧 Specialty Café Live: Panel 2 – Obstetrics & Gynecology, Internal Medicine, Family Medicine

🎧 Épisode spécial : Une expérience personnelle du CaRMS

🎧 Why do good jocks make good docs?

These are only seven of the many intriguing and educational healthcare podcasts available. Interested in sharing a few of your favourites? Join your medical peers on The Rounds to discuss.