Top 10 Canadian Internists to Follow on Twitter

Written by The Rounds

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With so many great Canadian physicians working as Internists, it was difficult to narrow our list down to the top 10 that you should follow on Twitter. Each physician’s content is unique, however, they do have one thing in common; using their platform to talk about their passion for healthcare in Canada. If you are interested in Internal Medicine or just want some new physicians to follow, we can’t recommend these 10 physicians enough!

Siobhan Deshauer (@Violin_MD)

Siobhan seems to do it all! On top of being an Internal Medicine Resident at McMaster University in Ontario, she is also a popular YouTube vlogger with over 650,000 subscribers following her journey as a junior doctor in Canada. As a proud female med student, her content highlights the passion she has for healthcare and the realities of what a career in medicine is really like. She is a must-follow on all of her social media platforms!

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Dr. Gabriel Fabreau (@gabefabreau)

Dr. Fabreau is a General Internal Medicine MD and an Assistant Professor at the University of Calgary. As you scroll through his posts you will see that he is a huge advocate for marginalized groups when it comes to healthcare. Many of his tweets are informative and personal as he highlights the importance of advocating for refugee health in Canada.

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Dr. Lisa Richardson (@RicharLisa)

Being a General Internist is not Dr. Lisa’s only job. She is the Vice-Chair of Culture & Inclusion at the University of Toronto’s (UofT) Department of Medicine and is the Strategic Lead in Indigenous Health at UofT and the Women’s College Hospital. Dr. Lisa is an avid tweeter and her feed is filled with inspiring content. She is always looking for ways to adapt her teachings and educate herself in the evolving healthcare space. 

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Dr. Abdu Sharkawy (@SharkawyMD)

If you’re looking for someone who is active on Twitter multiple times a day, then Dr. Abdu is who you should be following! He is an Internist from Toronto with over 8,500 followers. With a witty sense of humour throughout his content, Dr. Abdu’s followers will be educated about the latest news in healthcare while laughing at some of the comments he makes!

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Dr. Irfan Dhalla (@IrfanDhalla)

Dr. Irfan is another Internist practicing in Toronto. He spends his days acting as a Vice-president and General Internist at St. Michael’s Hospital and as an Associate Professor at the University of Toronto. With a list of followers of 13,000 and counting, Dr. Irfan’s followers appreciate how vocal he has been during the COVID-19 pandemic. He highlights relevant articles and provides his opinion on how healthcare in Canada could benefit from taking advice from other countries on their approach to living with COVID-19. He is a must-follow!

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Dr. Katie Wiskar (@katiewiskar)

As an Academic General Internist at the University of British Columbia, Dr. Katie’s work does not stop when she leaves her job for the day. Dr. Katie took on the task of hosting a podcast called Viruswatch. She and her co-host dive into the short and sweet version of the coronavirus in 15 minutes or less. They provide listeners with a summary of their thoughts as new information continues to be released every day. She is also an avid retweeter of all things in the medical space!

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Dr. Nathan Stall (@NathanStall)

Dr. Nathan works in Geriatrics and Internal Medicine in Toronto. His interest in geriatric medicine stems from his passion for improving the health care system to fully meet the needs of older Canadians. He focuses a lot of his content on advocating for seniors and the issues facing long-term care homes, especially during the pandemic. A follow for Dr. Nathan is sure to educate you in more ways than one.

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Dr. Angela M. Cheung (@AngelaMCheung)

As an up-and-coming physician to follow on Twitter, Dr. Cheung has a long list of positions that she holds. She is an Internal Med Specialist, Scientist at the University Health Network, Professor at the University of Toronto and much more! Dr. Cheung will also be hosting an Ask Me Anything (AMA) event on The Rounds from July 27-31. This is a great opportunity to ask her about her specialty and discover more about why she is one of the Internists that you should follow!

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Dr. Kenneth Rockwood (@Krockdoc)

Dr. Kenneth is a Geriatrician and Internist in Nova Scotia. With many years of experience, Dr. Kenneth is relied on by many for his opinion on topics in healthcare. Many of his tweets involve responses to popular stories as well as quotes from journals and articles that he deems important. For years worth of knowledge in the med space, Dr. Kenneth is the person to follow. 

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Dr. Marcia J. Anderson (@MarciaJAnderson)

As a Cree-Anishinaabe doctor in Indigenous health, Dr. Marcia practices in Public Health and General Internal Medicine in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She is passionate about being an advocate for closing gaps in health and shows that through the content she posts on Twitter. To get a better understanding of systemic racism and its impact on healthcare, give Dr. Marcia a follow!

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This group of Internists across Canada just touches the surface of the vast amount of content that physicians in Internal Medicine are posting on Twitter. If you are looking for a great place to educate yourself on the med space in Canada from reliable sources, our list is a great place to begin.