Top 10 Canadian Oncologists on Twitter

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The group of Oncologists in Canada who share an active voice in the Twitter medical community is strong and influential. That’s why choosing just 10 physicians to represent some of our best oncologists was a tough task. This group of medical, surgical, and radiation oncologists can be trusted to deliver you quality content related to health and cancer care. Read on to discover The Rounds’ Top 10 Canadian Oncologists On Twitter.

Dr. Mary Gospodarowicz (@MaryKGE)

Meet Dr. Mary Gospodarowicz, a pillar in the Radiation Oncology community not only in Canada but globally! As a past President of the Union for Cancer Control, her devotion to the reduction and management of cancer worldwide is reflected through her 7,500+ posts on Twitter. Dr. Mary regularly shares her insights on oncology, personal development, and life. Joining her network of over 3,400 followers is guaranteed to bring great value to your timeline.

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Dr. Aly-Khan Lalani (@LalaniMD)

Dr. Aly-Khan Lalani, an Assistant Professor at McMaster University, is up next on our top 10 list. Dr. Aly-Khan focuses his research and academic efforts towards genitourinary and rare cancers, making him a driving force in the Medical Oncology space. The Hamilton Health Sciences physician shares tweets on his research projects and findings based on cancer therapies. As an individual with close to 2,000 followers, Dr. Aly-Khan is one to watch on the Oncology side of #MedTwitter.

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Dr. Jonathan Spicer (@DoctorJSpicer)

Based out of Montreal, Quebec, Dr. Jonathan Spicer is making a splash in the Surgical Oncology community through his Twitter efforts. Dr. Jonathan currently serves as the Medical Director of the McGill Thoracic Oncology Program and as a Chest Surgeon at the MD Anderson Cancer Centre.

Dr. Jonathan’s network is constantly updated with the relevant news and discoveries pertaining to surgical-based oncology. While Dr. Jonathan is not practicing medicine, he holds the goal of being a farmer! By joining Dr. Jonathan’s following you are guaranteed something of interest.

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Dr. Natalie Coburn (@DrNCoburn)

Dr. Natalie Coburn is a Surgical Oncologist at the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Institute located in Toronto, ON. She specializes in gastric, pancreatic, and liver cancers. Dr. Natalie’s Twitter consists of 4,400+ tweets centred around oncology, and as of late the Novel Coronavirus. Her strong activity on the platform is bound to bring a wide range of education to your timeline.

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Dr. Alex Louie (@DrAlexLouie)

Welcome, Dr. Alex Louie to the Top 10 Canadian Oncologists on Twitter! Dr. Alex is a Radiation Oncologist located in Toronto. Dr. Alex’s network of over 1,500 followers receives the latest and greatest news pertaining to the radiation sector of oncology.

Dr. Alex brings a light-hearted approach to his tweets making it feel like he is talking right to you! The self-proclaimed sushi snob, pizza purveyor, and Raptors reveller should be one of your go-to’s for informative tweets!

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Dr. Julie Hallet (@HalletJulie)

Introducing Dr. Julie Hallet! Dr. Julie is a Surgical Oncologist currently working in Toronto, ON but is a proud Quebec City native. With well over 6,000 tweets, she shares her up-to-date evidence and opinions on the liver, pancreas, and biliary cancers. Dr. Julie’s content ranges from oncology to her current personal enjoyments – allowing you to find interest in every one of her posts! Join Dr. Julie’s social network of 2,000+ followers and learn all the ins and outs of what is going on in #MEDTwitter.

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Dr. Daniel Heng (@DrDanielHeng)

Dr. Daniel Heng is a Medical Oncologist based out of Calgary, Alberta who specializes in urologic cancers. Dr. Daniel regularly shares the research and educational successes of not only himself but the Medical Oncology community as a whole. His following of 2,800 people is nothing short of educated thanks to his Twitter activity and content. If you are looking for someone to add to your following list, we can not recommend Dr. Daniel Heng enough!

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Dr. Antoine Eskander (@DrTonyEskander)

Dr. Antoine “Tony” Eskander is next up on our list! Dr. Antoine is a Head and Neck Oncologist at the Michael Garron Hospital in Toronto. He is passionate about health services, quality and safety in medicine, and clinical epidemiology.

Dr. Antoine shares his personal and professional passions with his network regularly – meaning there is always something new to learn from him! His active voice and educational approach is something you do not want to miss out on.

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Dr. Danny Vesprini (@Dr_Vesi)

Last but not least, meet Dr. Danny Vesprini, a Radiation Oncologist from the Sunnybrook Odette Cancer Centre. His recent medical discoveries can be found on his platform alongside a wide range of content including sports, politics, and lifestyle.

Dr. Danny is a father, husband, and wine snob that you should be following on Twitter! Join his network of almost 1,200 people for daily oncology education and insights.

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These physicians represent the strength and knowledge of the Oncology community on #MEDTwitter. Be sure to give each of them a follow for updates on Medical, Surgical, and Radiation Oncology!

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