Top 10 Physicians Discussing Mental Health on Twitter

Written By The Rounds

Trigger warning: Please note that this post can be triggering as it discusses sensitive topics of mental health. The views and opinions of those physicians featured in this article do not necessarily reflect the official position of The Rounds. Any physician or HCP featured on our website has an active voice in the Twitter Medical Community. If you have any questions or concerns please contact

Physician burnout is all too real these days due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Physicians and other healthcare professionals work tirelessly to help those in need. But what about their own needs? It’s essential for healthcare professionals to be looked after too, which is why we’ve gathered the top 10 physicians discussing and sharing their own experiences with mental health. These accounts provide excellent advice to physicians struggling with burnout or needing a positive boost when logging on to Twitter.

Dr. Sandy Simons (@ERGoddessMD)

With a following of 12.4K, it’s a bit shocking if you don’t follow the ER Goddess. We’ll fill you in if you don’t know her already: Dr. Sandy Simons is an American ER doctor, mom, and advocate for physician wellness. On top of all of that, she’s a marathoner and columnist for Emergency Medical News. She regularly discusses the challenges and barriers to being a woman emergency doctor. However, Dr. Simons breaks these barriers down with her strong voice, which advocates for feminism and mental health on Twitter.

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Dr. Sara and Colin Taylor (@docs4docs)

From Vancouver, British Columbia, this physician couple has got to be one of our all-time favourite Twitter accounts to date! Sara and Colin Taylor regularly update their 2.8K followers on Twitter with all sorts of informative posts, including industry news, positive affirmations, and the importance of physician wellness and mental health.

They also have a similar Instagram account and blog, much worth checking out. Follow their wholesome Twitter to learn more! 

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Dr. Mala Joneja (@DrMalaJoneja)

Dr. Mala Joneja, Queen’s University graduate and rheumatologist, boasts 1.5k Twitter followers for a good reason! Her tweets are authentic, and her advice to fellow physicians has value. She is not only an advocate for diversity and inclusion, but she also provides awareness to physician mental health issues on Twitter.

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Dr. Sue Reid (@susanjeanreid)

Dr. Sue Reid is a real Albertan superhero! This passionate anesthesiologist consistently advocates for physician wellness and works closely with groups such as the Alberta Medical Association (AMA) Physician and Family Support Program (PFSP). While many of her tweets surround the topic of mental health, you can also find a healthy dose of humour on her profile.

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Dr. Shimi Kang (@drshimikang)

We love everything about this Canadian psychiatrist. From her YouTube channel to her Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter – Dr. Kang is a social media queen! Not to mention she is also a best-selling author with a new book release on the way. Didn’t think it could get any more impressive than that? Well, think again. Dr. Kang is also CEO of a startup app for children, called Spark Mindset. However, her tweets don’t brag about her multiple accomplishments; instead, she provides wellness tips, especially for children. 

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Dr. Abenaa Jones (@Dr_AbenaaJones)

While not a medical physician, Dr. Abenaa Jones shares content on Twitter that is valuable for professionals struggling and working in the healthcare realm. Dr. Jones is an assistant professor at Penn State College of Health and Human Development and an epidemiologist. Take one look at her biography, and you can see that she’s been successful in her work to address the syndemic of substance use disorders, violence, and sexual risk behaviours. See what she has to say by following her on Twitter. 

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Dr. Fiona Mattatall (@FionaMattatall)

We are definitely one of Dr. Fiona Mattatall’s loyal 10.2K followers. Her Twitter account is almost like a well-rounded lifestyle blog, where she chooses to share family projects, politics, industry news, and healthcare information. Moreover, Dr. Mattatall is a fierce advocate for women’s and trans health as well as mental health. We highly recommend following her! 

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Dr. Donna Kimmaliardjuk (@DKimmaliardjuk)

This young woman, Dr. Donna Kimmaliardjuk, is making waves in the healthcare industry as Canada’s first Inuk cardiac surgeon, residing in Ottawa. Dr. Kimmaliardjuk workes with many other healthcare professionals to combat the stigma surrounding mental health. Her 2.7K followers can count on her tweets for valuable advice, encouragement, and advocacy for Indigenous people. Give her profile some love by following her.

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Dr. Joshua Rosenblat (@JD_Rosenblat)

Dr. Joshua Rosenblat is quite a busy mental health advocate. He somehow balances being a psychiatrist and researcher for the University of Toronto, medical director of Canadian Rapid Treatment Center of Excellence, and co-founder of 1907 Research. He dedicates himself to researching and understanding mental health, illness, and the causes of such diseases.

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Dr. Roger Wong (@RogerWong10)

Last but not least, we have Vancouver-based doctor Roger Wong. The busy man works as Vice Dean of the University of British Columbia, has experience as a Clinical Professor of geriatrics and is the 13th President of Canada’s Canadian Geriatrics Society. He holds 2.1K followers on Twitter for good reasons. His tweets are informative; they provide opportunities to followers and he commonly discusses mental health topics, especially among the elderly.

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There are plenty of physicians on Twitter advocating for physician mental health. By participating in these discussions, we can break the stigma and ensure our healthcare heroes are doing well.