3 Reasons Why Gated Networks Matter for HCPs

Knowing the information you are receiving or sharing is from a secure and trusted source is essential in the healthcare industry. Continue reading to uncover the three main reasons why joining a gated network matters for healthcare professionals.

1. Compliant and Secure

The most pertinent reason that gated networks matter for HCPs is their ability to be compliant and secure. The HIPAA Privacy Rule is a standard to address covered entities’ health information use and disclosure. Violations of HIPAA can result in minor to severe penalties. Each violation stage requires a fine to be paid, while the most severe penalties include jail time. To learn more about HIPAA Compliance and its impact on doctors, read the blog post HIPAA Compliance: Why HCPs Should Care

Moreover, with a gated network comes an in-depth verification process. Through trained verification teams, like those in The Rounds, it is ensured that each member is a licensed healthcare professional because the team individually reviews each incoming registration. Unlike social media, there are rules and regulations as to who can access viable medical information, allowing everyone in the network to make informed opinions on the content they are viewing.

2. Community of Like-Minded Professionals

When in a gated network, you are in a community surrounded by like-minded professionals with the same goal of improving patient outcomes through knowledge translation. You can guarantee that the information you are absorbing comes from a trusted source. Whether that source is a physician, HCP, or medical association – any learning is good learning. The vast majority of perspectives and opinions on varying topics allows you to challenge your thinking and that of others, thus increasing your knowledge at your disposal. Gated networks transparently stimulate collaboration and education.

3. Staying Current

In a gated network populated with healthcare professionals, the information coming in is relevant and factual. As a healthcare worker, it is critical to stay current on new advancements in treatment and technology – which gated networks help you do. A community of individuals from different demographics, specialties, and geographic regions contribute to a plethora of knowledge at your fingertips to shape your next patient journey.