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Our Story

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia, - Blair Ryan sits on an exam table in an emergency department. Though he’d like to say he cut his hand on the football field or while water skiing, his real reason for being there is far less exciting. Ryan has a deep scratch on his palm, doled out accidentally by his family cat, Penny. He is in the process of being stitched up by the resident on-call.

The resident checks Ryan’s chart and sees that Ryan lives with a chronic liver disease.

“Tell me more about your condition,” says the resident. “How does it affect you? How did it develop?”

“I’ve had it all my life. It’s autoimmune,” says Ryan. “And it doesn’t affect me much, other than that I deal with extreme fatigue all the time. I have to take long or frequent naps just to get through a work day.”

“Try Adderall®,” says the resident.

“Isn’t that a drug for hyper-activity?” asks Ryan.

“Yes. But I’ve seen it work in cases like yours. Talk to your specialist. This could be your answer.”

Months go by and on Ryan’s next visit to his hepatologist, he mentions the resident’s advice to try a course of Adderall®. The hepatologist isn’t familiar with using this drug for a condition like Ryan’s and, subsequently, isn’t able to find much information on it in the journals and records available to him. He is bound by convention and privacy laws that prohibit him from discussing Ryan’s case over email. Furthermore, he’s not entirely aware of all the specialists who exist in Canada who might be able to weigh in on this unconventional treatment.

Knowing they’d exhausted all other obvious clinical options to help combat Ryan’s extreme fatigue, the hepatologist embarked on a months long attempt to connect with the emergency room resident over the phone and via fax to find out more.

More than a year after that initial visit to the emergency room, Ryan had a trial prescription for a week’s worth of Adderral®. And that was when the idea for The Rounds was born.

The year-long wait was agonizing for Ryan - giving him the opportunity to recognize that Canada is too big, and our doctors too busy, to facilitate the kind of connection required to consult on new treatments within a reasonable timeframe. It also became clear that the convention preventing doctors from using modern technology to their advantage is an impediment to patient care.

Ryan’s answer? An online network where doctors can collaborate and connect, safely and securely, about clinical cases, in real-time.

No more phone tag. No more archaic fax machines. The Rounds is a space in which physicians can stop exchanging faxes and start exchanging ideas and opinions.

Ryan assembled his initial team members, consisting of Will Harris and Mike Clory M.D, and got to work on building what would soon become Canada’s fastest-growing, physicians-only network.

Since then, thousands of Canada’s brightest and best physicians have become members of The Rounds. Tens of thousands of collaborations, connections and conversations have happened within the secure community of the site. Thousands of Canadians are getting better healthcare faster because of what happens on The Rounds every day.

Our Promise

The Rounds is where you can access all of the information you need for your practice as well as the experts across all fields of medicine. By joining our physician-only community, you will contribute to and benefit from the collective wisdom of physicians from all specialties, across the country.
It is our mission to provide Canadian physicians with the best tool help their patients get the care they need.


The Rounds exceeds privacy, legal and security requirements for physician interactions in Canada and abroad. Our promise is to provide a service that is HIPAA and PIPEDA compliant at all times and across all services on the network.


We promise to never share our members information with those outside the network. Physicians on The Rounds can interact with confidence, knowing there will be no interference or impediment to the sharing of knowledge and the discussion of ideas. You are in a safe community among esteemed colleagues.


The Rounds promises every verified Canadian physician free access to the network. It’s that simple.


The Rounds promises to continue to assist Canadian physicians in attaining knowledge related to their specialities and fields by offering Continuing Medical Education (CME) accredited content, including peer-reviewed journals. Simply by visiting, using and interacting with the resources available on The Rounds, physicians become better physicians and patients get better care.


We promise to be up front with member physicians about The Rounds culture, values and service. If you have questions or concerns, we are here to answer and address them.

Healthcare is social

Join Rounds

On The Rounds you can stay in touch with classmates, professional associations, and much more. By joining groups on the network, which we call ‘Rounds’, physicians can customize their experience, ensuring access to the most up-to-date collaborations and conversations across chosen specialties and interests.

Send secure messages

Know exactly who you need to talk to about a clinical case? Physicians can send a secure, private message through The Rounds to get the answers they need in real-time from colleagues and peers. Share x-rays, documents and more with confidence when using The Rounds.

Stay In The Know

The Rounds is where Canadian physicians can gather information on the latest industry trends and innovations. Members can follow along, participate or even host Q&A conversations with subject matter experts to keep up with news about research, clinical trials and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Rounds?

The Rounds is an exclusive professional network created specifically for Canadian physicians. Physicians from across the country use The Rounds to connect, communicate and collaborate in a secure environment. The Rounds is where physicians can access all of the information they need for their practice as well as the experts across all fields of medicine. By joining our physician-only community, physicians are able to contribute to and benefit from the collective wisdom of physicians from all specialties, across the country.

Can anyone sign up for The Rounds?

No. You must be a practicing physician or a retired physician. We verify the credentials of all members on The Rounds to ensure privacy and confidentiality.

How Do I Sign Up For The Rounds?

Visit www.therounds.com or reach out to our Community Relations Coordinator, at support@therounds.ca. You will need to complete our registration process and create a secure/verified account.

How Much Does The Rounds Cost?

The Rounds is completely free. Physicians simply create an account, get verified and can begin using the network.

How Does The Rounds Make Money?

The Rounds is currently a venture-backed business with revenue coming from a few key marketing partners who strive to connect with Canadian physicians. All communications from third parties requires opt-in from physicians ensuring that your experience is exactly what you want it to be. Your information and data is never sold or shared with third parties.

How Does The Rounds Verify Physicians?

The Rounds verification process consists of a series of steps that we use to ensure that all members are actual physicians. We require access to information such as your medical number, office phone number and school to confirm your identity.

Does The Rounds Do Anything With My Data?

No, we do not sell, rent or share your information with any third parties.

Why Does The Rounds Need My Email?

Your email address is what we will use to reach out to you when new discussions are happening in the network and what you will use to sign in. Your email is your username when logging into the Rounds and is not shared with third parties.

Why Does The Rounds Need My Phone Number?

We require your phone number as a part of the verification process. We will call you to confirm that you’re actually who you say you are.

Is The Rounds HIPAA Compliant?

Yes. Our secure messaging is HIPAA Compliant.

Is The Rounds PIPEDA Compliant?

Yes. Our secure messaging is PIPEDA Compliant.

Still have questions? Feel free to email us at support@therounds.com