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Stay current on the latest medical research and issues with exclusive access to free learning activities and CME courses. Participate in virtual Ask-The-Expert events, live webinars, and clinical case discussions featuring top medical experts who share their experience and up-to-date evidence.

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Healthcare professionals require a centralized hub to exchange new clinical information in the rapidly changing medical landscape. The Rounds was designed with modern healthcare professionals in mind and built to maximize collaboration while meeting the highest security standards.

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Given the sudden need to reassess traditional medical practices with the onset of the pandemic, The Rounds already was primed and prepared to immediately offer high-quality CMEs and access to a vast online expert community for scientific updates and ongoing learning.

Dr. Christine Palmay, Family Physician

The Rounds is unique in that it identifies communities of physicians that have similar interests. It is a good means of communicating practice tips with many physicians I could not have reached using traditional CME activities.

Dr. Ron Grossman, Respirologist

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